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" March 2024 – Charity Update "

Hey everyone!

We would like to inform our membership’s charity for March 2024.

Unfortunately, it will be delayed. Meaning all of the donation funds on March will be add up with April’s donations.

The reason as to why this is happening is because the donation funds that are taken from our membership does not reach our minimum fund to donate, that is Rp. 13,000 or around 81 cents. We’ve setup a minimum because the donation platforms that we use, kitabisa.com and sharethemeal.org have a minimum around Rp. 10,000 to Rp. 11,500 + transfer fees.


Total Membership Incomes (nett): Rp. 50,000

  • 0 x Newcomer (5 – 10% for donations): Rp. 0
  • 1 x Fan tier (5 – 10% for donations): Rp. 50,000
  • 0 x Charity tier (50% for donations): Rp. 0

For March 2024, we take 10% out of Newcomer and Fan tier for donations:

  • Newcomer tier: 10% x Rp.0 = Rp. 0
  • Fan tier: 10% x Rp.50,000 = Rp. 5,000
  • Fan tier: 50% x Rp.0 = Rp. 0

Which means that donation for March 2024 is Rp. 5,000 or around 31 cents.

More about Our Charity Program

Since we’re making games about social issues, we also want to help contribute on solving real world problems. We do so by contributing 5 – 50% (based on what tier you choose) of our membership to verified charity platforms based on the polling we have made with people who subscribed to our membership.

Join our membership to contribute!


ShareTheMeal.org is a platform created by the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) to fight global hunger. It allows users to easily donate small amounts of money to specific WFP projects, making it convenient and transparent. Its affiliation with the UN and track record in delivering aid make it a trustworthy platform for contributing to humanitarian causes.


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