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" We’re Making a Chocolate Factory Game! "

Hello everyone!

Are you ready for our latest game??

Set in a chocolate factory industry that has a dark side for both its producers and consumers. This game will focus on 3 different yet interconnected stories. There’s a greedy boss, a tragedy of child slavery, and a NEET consumer.

Why did we choose the chocolate factory setting?

So, when Nic, our Game Director, was researching for this game project, he stumbled upon a grim fact that some big companies actually use child slavery in their chocolate production.

Pretty unethical, isn’t it? That’s where we felt compelled to address this issue.


Are you curious about the gameplay?
With 3 stories in the game, would the gameplay be the same?

  • The Greedy Boss
    Mr. Theodore, a businessman, is opening his new venture. Here, we’ll play to help Mr. Theodore build his chocolate factory from scratch. Simulator and automation genre are used for the gameplay, where we have to buy and upgrade to build his factory. But, as his business grows, Mr. Theodore is tempted to use child slavery in his chocolate industry.

  • The Tragedy of Child Slavery
    Issa, a young child, is forced to become a chocolate peeler. Point and click genre are used for the gameplay, where we’ll venture with Issa to free her from slavery.

  • The NEET Consumer
    Sam, a chocolate enthusiast, wants to buy chocolates at the minimarket. To achieve his goal, we have to help Sam overcome obstacles on the streets to reach the minimarket. Runner genre is used, similar to the gameplay of Crossy Road.

The plan is to complete this game within a maximum of 3 months. Currently, we’re still in the early stages. Many of our team members are busy creating game concepts, designing characters, and creating prototypes of the gameplay.

Oh yeah, we’re still looking for the perfect title for this game! Any suggestions? “Cocoa” or “Taste Good”, or perhaps you have a cooler suggestion?

Stay tuned for the next update from our devlog! And don’t forget to keep supporting us in making this game!


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