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" We’re Launching Our Own Membership! "

Hey everyone!

We are happy to announce that we have a membership. Through membership, you can pay x-amount of money per month to support us and get special perks! Such as game access, teasers, credits, and many more.

Besides that, 5 – 50% (based on your tier) will also be donated to charities via kitabisa.com

Here are the tiers that are available!


$1 or Rp. 12,500

  • Early access to upcoming games: Be the first to experience Pupil Entertainment’s latest creations!
  • Weekly teasers: Stay updated and get ready for upcoming releases.
  • Exclusive community: Immerse yourself in our exclusive community, both on WhatsApp and Discord!
  • Easier to get Noticed: Stand out from the crowd and get a chance to catch the eye of developers.
  • Contribute 5-10% to charity: Feel good knowing a portion of your membership fee goes towards a good cause.


$4 or Rp. 50,000

All benefits of the Newcomer tier, PLUS:

  • Play exciting games from Pupil Entertainment’s previous releases.
  • Receive digital & physical zines with exclusive stories, and some game theory insights from the original creator (free shipping within Java, Indonesia).
  • Get credited shout outs: See your name featured in upcoming game credits!


$7 or Rp. 100,000

All benefits of the Fan tier, PLUS:

  • Support social movements: 50% of your subscription fee will be donated to a non-profit organization aligned with Pupil Entertainment’s current game project.
  • Make a real impact: Be part of something bigger and contribute to positive social change.

By joining Pupil Entertainment Membership, you’re not just getting exclusive access and content – you’re actively supporting innovative game development and making a difference in the world 😀

Join the Membership



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