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Creating powerful, emotionally-driven narrative games and novels.

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A man encounters a mysterious box of flowers at his doorstep. When he inhales their scent, strange events begin to unfold...

Memories of celeste

Norris's life changes forever after the new girl Celeste enters his school.
A coming-of-age addiction drama novel from the game 'Smells Good'

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We believe games transcend mere entertainment—they are a form of art capable of addressing profound social issues such as poverty, war, and addiction.

Our mission is to create games that display these problems, encouraging players to a positive life and mindset.

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Multiple Themes

We aim to make games with different themes. Each one tells different problems in our society.



We aim to make games that can awake the player's deepest feelings with the conflicts that we present.


Morally Powerful

Our games will offer powerful morals that can change us, the player, to a better, positive life.

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Making purposeful and ideologically-driven games without relying on profit-driven strategies is challenging.

If you value our dedication and find joy in our games and novels, we invite you to support our game studio through our membership.

Besides receiving exclusive content and supporting our future projects, 5 to 10% of each membership will be donated to sharethemeal.org, a non-profit platform by the World Food Programme to help fight world hunger!

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